Two New bulk sampling technology patents ensure better PGM sampling results & a better workplace

In our continuous commitment to our gold-standard sample results delivery, we are proud to announce that the research and engineering team of our Guangdong office, Shao Guan BR Metals Environmental Technology, has attained another two more patents in less than 12 months from the last patent acquired.

First patent: Smart air ventilation control system

The first patent is a smart air ventilation control system that efficiently adjusts powder concentration in the air via automation to enhance workplace air quality. It operates as follows:

  1. Dust concentration sensors detects the concentration of powder in the air automatically.
  2. The sensors transmit signals immediately to the dust collection module
  3. A signal from the module is then fed to the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) terminal.
  4. The PLC terminal accurately calculates and adjusts the valve body actuator and draft fan to increase or decrease air flow, ventilating the production plant efficiently.

In comparison to the previous ventilation system, the new automated system has these benefits:

  1. Calculates and controls air quality automatically thus more efficiently and accurately, in contrast to manual calculation and control.
  2. Reduces manpower labour for manual calculations and physical steps to adjust the ventilation.
  3. Greater improvement in air quality in the plant environment for production staff, enhancing staff welfare and productivity.

This new automated system aligns with our business compliance to continue to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our valued staff.

Second patent: 120L plastic drum mixer

The second patent is incorporation of a 120L plastic drum into the actuator of the mixer.

In the previous system, the steel barrel cannot be detached from the main structure thus cleaning it can be arduous and time-consuming, taking away critical time from the mixer to homogenise the sample lot. In addition, being unable to clean it efficiently may lead to potential cross contamination from one sample lot to the next lot.

A 120L plastic drum is fitted into the actuator with a low cost yet stable clamp mechanism. The clamp mechanism, a cage-like structure, is easy to adjust to any angle for easy cleaning. A visual of the clamp mechanism with the drum is as shown:

Using the drum has these benefits:

  1. Smoother surface thus easier to clean, reducing manpower time for cleaning.
  2. Less critical time taken away from milling the sample lot, allowing faster turnaround time for customers.
  3. Eliminates any chance of cross-contamination from a previous lot, ensuring accurate analysis results.
  4. Easy to detach and able to double up as a hopper for other machinery.
  5. Easy to procure and replace if required to.

Our two patents are conferred by CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) of the People’s Republic of China. Safer working environments that improves staff welfare and enhanced sampling processes that allows faster turnaround and more accurate analysis results for you are part of our ongoing effort to deliver platinum class service and optimum returns for you. Want to find out how you stand to benefit from our new and improved sampling line? Email us at and we will reply within 1 working day.