Palladium Prices Hit a 2-year High, But Watch For Ceiling

Palladium prices rose to a two-year high in April, making it the biggest gainer among precious metals. Last month we outlined some of the factors contributing to the palladium price rise: a growing auto sector; a strong South African currency; a
At just over $950 an ounce, platinum is trading at a near all-time discount to gold. Meanwhile, the market is faced with serious platinum supply deficits that almost promise to send prices much higher from here. And for the few
Despite a 6% retreat this month, 2017 platinum price forecast remains extremely bullish. In fact,Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth expects the price of platinum to soar 34.2% to $1,300 by the end of the year. platinum’s recent decline has only been
Exchange-traded fund investors are staying hot on platinum, even as money managers get cold feet on the metal. Holdings in platinum-backed ETFs posted a sixth straight weekly gain on Friday, the longest stretch since November. That came after U.S. money