BR Metals Wins Top Spot and Internationalisation Award at the Enterprise 50 2022 Awards

Singapore, November 24, 2022 – BR Metals, a market leader in Platinum Group Metals recycling announced today that it not only took first position, but also clinched the Internationalisation Award for its expansionary efforts across Asia at the Enterprise 50 Awards 2022 (E50), Singapore’s preeminent business awards that recognise 50 most outstanding local, privately-held companies that have contributed to the economic development of Singapore, both at home and abroad. This year, the awards pay tribute to local enterprises for their exceptional performance, innovative spirit and sustainable growth models – both for profit and for the planet – in the midst of uncertainty.

“Coming in first at this year E50 Awards is both exhilarating and humbling at the same time, and winning the special Internationalisation Award is truly icing on the cake! For the BR Team, this twin achievement is a testament to the headways we have made in transforming our business through service diversification, constant innovation and continuous workflow improvements over the last two years,” said Frank Chen, Managing Director and Founder of BR Metals.

“In response to changing market dynamics, we diversified our Platinum Group Metals recycling and spent asset management services to include gold and silver recovery in 2020. Starting from zero, we now collect about 30,000 troy ounces of gold and silver scraps each month and returning the recovered green gold and silver to the circular economy. As a result, the company’s revenue in 2021 rose 20% to USD213 million,” Frank added. “This twin achievement is only possible with the partnership and support of customers, business associates and government agencies, and it will drive us to continue to hone our capabilities, sharpen our competitive edge and innovate to provide sustainable solutions for growth,” he concluded.

BR Metals participated for the first time in the Enterprise 50 Awards in 2020 and won third place. This year, the Company expanded its presence in Southeast Asia with a new recycling facility in Malaysia and a representative office in Thailand.



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About BR Metals Pte Ltd

BR Metals is the leader in precious metal recovery. We set high industrial standard as a trusted partner that provide responsive services and create sustainable value for clients.

Our operations in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Cambodia purchase, process and analyse secondary materials from various streams and sources to reclaim Platinum Group Metals like platinum, palladium and rhodium as well as gold and silver.

It is our commitment to positively contribute to clients’ well-being based on flexible arrangement, fair and transparent trading. Our recycling and spent asset management service for precious metal scraps is able to sustainably meet demand while reducing the detrimental impact of classic mining.

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